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Resolving your current and future Business Challenges

Defining a growth strategy that is sustainable

Determining the most profitable way forward 

All businesses have challenges, the biggest one we believe is generating revenue, it’s no wonder over 40% of newly registered busineses go out of business within the first year! Fortuantly we can discover what is your most profitable way forward, what are the steps and what is the sequence of marketing activities required to grow revenue and grow profit. The question is where are you at with your business, are more leads or sales required, or is there an issue with keeping customers?

The key business challenge that we see is the owner not willing to make a financial investment into their business and often spend more time and money trying to avoid the ellephant in the room, their online presence and online customer acquisition strategy, either that be sales for ecommerce or lead generation for professional services. The second biggest business challenge is businesses shaking up with the wrong digital marketing agency and blowing their investment. For example if your sales and lead strategy is dependant on traffic coming from Google and a inexperienced agency crashes your rankings or fails to improve them, your probably going to go out of business, it takes 2 to 3 months to rank keywords organically.

For those who are just getting started with marketing it should be viewed always an investment, it would be wrong to believe that from the get go your marketing spend is being covered by revenue it is generating. Experience tells us that for given industries certain marketing activies are going to deliver better results than others at a lower cost and in a faster time period. Creating an ad, selecting a keyword, picking a colour or selecting a design is and will always will be a hypothesis, validating actions before execution helps, however no qualitative or quantitative data will be available on the internet to do this, working with experienced marketers is key.

Navigating your business challenge

Lead Generation

The ideal scenario is your businesses has a pipeline full of leads ready to close, question is how do you create a pipeline full of leads? There are two types of prospective clients those that are in the market and those who don’t know they need it yet. The marketing activity is being in front of people who are in the market and identifying ideal customers and nurturing them.


Customer retention is a great problem to have, the initial reaction is to think that is a really dumb to thing to say. Re-think it, you have no problem bringing in sales, but the issue is keeping them. Unless your doing something aweful to your customers / clients the real issue is engagement and report which can be resolved with automated techniques.


Are the leads coming to you or the traffic being generated to your website converting into sales? Any marketer can generate traffic and leads, but are they valuable to your business or just a waste of time? Proper qualification and identification of your ideal customer is essential to maximising conversion rates and reducing customer acquisition costs.

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