Case Study

AS Digital Delivered:

Returning on marketing investment 

The marketing strategy we created for FAN+ focuses their time and money on achieving the greatest results

Running a business comes with many investments and overhead costs that need to be replenished by revenue. Making sure a business’s investments pay off is vital for long-term success.

FAN+ provides custom (and sometimes once in a lifetime!) sporting and entertainment experiences for Australian fans. Experiences include one on one personal training sessions with sporting icons, auction access, video messages and so many more causes for hype. Marketing to their audience is extremely important, but can also be costly given the caliber of exclusive experiences facilitated by FAN+.

Our work with FAN+ focused on coordinating marketing efforts that were cost-efficient while providing sizeable return on investment (ROI). We worked with them on their marketing strategy around collateral, social media, and search ads tailored to their target audience to make sure they weren’t wasting money on things with no planning that wouldn’t work. Their content hits the mark when it comes to what their audience wants, generating more fruitful leads.

The benefit of having a marketing strategy becomes obvious in your return on investment, and only then can the long-reaching results of marketing be seen.