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Better websites, bigger jobs

Attracting the right leads is important. We helped JMC Operations achieve this through refined copywriting, SEO, and website design

through refined copywriting, SEO, and website design
It was under the pressure of a tight deadline that JMC Operations needed us to produce a new website that more accurately highlighted the level of work they were doing within the earth-moving and civil construction industry. The new website was required to impress and win over the intended caliber of clients to whom they were applying to work with. In a matter of a couple of days, the team at AS Digital designed, built, copywrote, and published a professional and easy-to-use website that was more impressive, opening them up to successfully apply for larger tenders and civil projects. Since, AS Digital has begun work on generating even more success for JMC Operations through strategising how to implement Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for the business.

Since creating its initial AS Digital website, JMC has had incredible success in expanding its business. We are now working with them on their expansion, taking them from JMC Operations into two more divisions: JMC Residential Construction, and JMC Civil Construction. For their Residential Construction branch, we are putting a seamless website together that exudes elegance and class, while their Civil Construction website in the development is focusing on appealing to tenders. Splitting up their website and business means being able to provide greater attention to each unique target audience. New logos are also required for the split, and achieving the right look for each audience will further enhance their attractiveness to prospective clients. Each website is also rich in the keywords relevant to each of their services, maximising JMC’s potential to get in front of the specific right eyes!