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Digital Marketing Facebook Support Group

Digital Marketing Facebook Support Group

Have a website that brings you more business

Websites are one of the most under utilised assets a business has, so many decision makers get a website set up without proper due diligence on what opportunities a carefully constructed website can present. One must consider the journey of their business, customers and prospective customers, and required objectives to deliver profitable and positive outcomes.

A website is an opportunity to take control of the conversation. There is significant power to influence outcomes of your existing customers and future ones at that. There are two key things to consider when developing a website:


  1. Design & Messaging: For your whole website or a specific page how can you leverage the design to establish a foundation to communicate your messages? Will the visitor get what your page / site is about in under 8 seconds?
  2. Touch Points: Are extremely important because the website must accomodate the objectives of the visitor while also satisfying your own. On a basic level does the website flow correctly? Are pop ups coming up at convenient or inconvenient times?

WordPress Websites

WordPress provides the most simple platform for website owners to modify and maintain a website for themselves. Being the most used website content management system in existance there are endless opportunities to build an amazing website that suits your business requirements and goals.

wordpress website development

Django Website Applications

If you’re in the need of a complex web application, modifying WordPress is not a viable option. Django applications are considered to be “from scratch” website development exercises, where every aspect of the site is customised to suit your unique requirements. So when is Django suitable?

  • Creating a database application – membership management, etc.
  • Automatic processes – to manage all aspects of an application and your needs
  • When WordPress doesn’t have an alternative plugin
  • Connection into unique and custom requirement third party systems
django website development
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