About us

Our philosophy

We pride ourselves on doing the right thing by you. 

This means explaining things with transparency, honesty and without the use of confusing jargon. We want you to understand what we are doing for you and why.

We believe in building long-term relationships, so we stay in touch even if you don’t have any active marketing campaigns. 

We keep our minds open to your needs, new ideas and criticism.

We are ambitious, hardworking and constantly striving to improve, evolve and adapt to the latest industry trends and innovations. 

We are the team at AS Digital. 

What They Say

Alex Stewart

During his time at Macquarie University studying a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours, Alex started his career as a sales and inventory analyst. He then moved into helping small businesses with technology, software and web development.

This combined with his Diploma of Computing at SIBT and entry into a graduate program with Optus’ engineering team have translated into a facts and results-based approach to marketing, innovation, strategy and analytics.

Alex is the founder of AS Digital, and is passionate about making sure every solution is tailored for each client and it servers their best interests.

Fiorella Pantaleo
Creative Manager

Milan native and London-experienced, Fiorella is the creative dynamo at AS Digital. Armed with a Master’s degree in Graphic Branding and Identity from University of the Arts London, seamlessly fusing graphic design finesse, she navigates the intersection of creativity and strategy.

Fiorella’s passion lies in crafting visual stories that not only align with client goals but consistently exceed expectations. Each project she touches becomes a canvas, where creativity, precision, and a deep understanding of storytelling converge seamlessly.

Beyond her role’s conventional boundaries, Fiorella’s commitment to perfection is evident in every flawless project delivery. In the dynamic world of AS Digital, she stands as the architect of visual experiences, a master storyteller shaping narratives that leave a lasting impression.

Yuliia Mishchenko
Graphic & Web Designer

With a diploma in Graphic Design, Yuliia thrives on complex graphic design and web design projects for organisations both large and small. She loves any creative challenge, and she has a great understanding of how websites and design elements can help brands visually communicate their story and engage with their audience. Her skills extend to content creation, email marketing and social media, allowing her to provide many of the key elements for growing businesses.

Yuliia is open-minded and finds inspiration in travelling, learning new languages and experiencing different cultures. She loves to push herself out of her comfort zone to make sure she keeps learning more skills, more about herself and continues to grow.

Favourite quote: “Find out who you are and do it on purpose” D.Parton.

Kiara Aliano
Website Developer and UX Designer

Kiara has always known what she wanted to do, so she taught herself to code at the age of 14. From there, she studied User Experience Design as well as Marketing Design and a number of different coding programs. Kiara has made a career of her greatest passions, delving into the minds of users and delivering unmatched website experiences.

Her passion for her work makes keeping up with the latest trends, frameworks, and best practices effortless. She believes that a website should both look and function beautifully, without one being compromised for the other.