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What we do

UX Research

We gather as much information as possible about your users and target audience, identifying their behaviours, motivations and needs. We research and learn about your business, product, or service, and aim to understand how users are currently experiencing your websites or mobile apps.

UX Audit

UX Audits are conducted to identify current strengths and weaknesses in the user experience. A variety of programs and techniques are employed to effectively target issues that are hindering a smooth user journey.

UX Testing

Testing is used to evaluate your website, or app. This can be done in a variety of ways, usually involving real users. Testing is an invaluable tool for improving your usability, uncovering new issues and gaining accurate feedback.

UX Design

Informed by the knowledge gained through research, audits and testing, UX Design can take place. When a new design is complete, it will be retested to make sure it provides an intuitive and effective experience for the end user.

What’s the difference between UX design and regular design?

UX Design focuses specifically on usability, while design considers all aspects of the design. At the heart of UX Design is getting to know target audiences and their behaviours – information that can be achieved through research. Website design should always incorporate UX design, but overall it is more artistically driven.

6 reasons UX Design is important

“Any product that needs a manual is broken”

– Elon Musk

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