Don't just think like an entrepreneur, but be one

My Formula

1. Understand what your ideal self is

What do you want your business to be?
What are your personal goals?

2. What program is going to work for you?

Your level of commitment i.e. budget/time/resources

3. Execute

Run you though my innovation program
Look after your online and offline technology needs to make it all happen

Speed will define your success

It's not the money or resources that will define your success, but the speed at which you act, right now is an opportunity to get things started or turn the business around, money and resources will follow

Alex Stewart Founder of AS Digital

Alex Stewart

Alex (LinkedIn) has been helping over 30 small businesses get more customers, save time and money for over 4 years now. With a technology and innovation background from working at Optus and being involved in other startup business ventures he the necessary skill set to help small business get to the next level.

Work History

  • Alex Stewart Digital Services (AS Digital) (2012-): enabling small business to focus on their core by enabling their technology needs
  • Optus (2014-2016): creating and executing multimillion dollar strategies and using innovation methodology to develop products for small business and consumers


  • Macquarie University Bachelor of Engineering with Honours
  • SIBT Diploma of Computing
  • St Paul's Grammar School HSC

Central Coast Small Business Innovation Meetup


  • Want to learn more about innovation? Join our Meetup event on the central coast.
  • To help small and medium sized businesses owners on the central coast realise their business dreams.
Ideal Members
  • Business owners who want to grow their business to a much larger size
  • People looking to get into business and want to know how to find their first customer
What will you get out of it?
  • Learn about what innovation means and how you can practice it in your business
  • Get inspiration from other people who have embarked on the innovation journey

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