Case Study

AS Digital Delivered:

Evoke Headwear is a 1-year-old e-commerce business selling sun-protective headwear (including Fedoras and visors) sourced both overseas and made in Australia in its factory.   

Evoke hats present exciting features like UPF50+ sun protection, proprietary Flexibraid, travel-friendly material, rain protection, and a stylish design. 

The product has enormous potential and is much appreciated by its customers. 

When we embarked on our adventure with Evoke, the store was still relatively young and needed help to get the word out and find a correct and scalable strategy to increase sales.

Evoke Headwear’s goal with digital marketing was testing what could help them launch the brand to the next level, having used PR and other marketing initiatives that were not achieving consistent revenue.

We set up a more specific goal, deciding to increase sales by 50% within the first three months and optimise the overall store’s conversion rate. 

With Evoke, we chose to work on two different fronts. 

The first strategy was aimed at leveraging the social media networks by creating well-structured Facebook/Instagram campaigns that would have brought new customers and awareness around the brand.

On the other hand, we started working on maximising the traffic gained through the ads by implementing on-store strategies that helped us create a more extensive list of subscribed audiences for email marketing.

The results we achieved went way beyond our targets and expectations.

After the end of the first month, we were able to increase sales by 154% compared to the previous month. 

We also started collecting a relevant number of subscribers so that with the implementation of a proper email marketing strategy, they could become Evoke’s best customers. 

In the second month, since we started collaborating with Evoke, we were able to achieve 142% of total sales compared to the already successful previous month and 226% compared with last year’s same month.

The average conversion rate was optimised by 2% compared to the previous rate.

We will continue developing the best e-commerce strategies to optimise the conversion rate and create consistency in sales to achieve our future targets. 

Our work with Evoke has just started, but as the proverb says, “Well begun is half done”.