EcoKleenSolar Newcastle

Case Study

AS Digital Delivered:

Ecokleensolar Newcastle is a solar panel cleaning franchisee offering solar panel cleaning, gutter cleaning and bird proofing services. 

As many businesses like this during winter, work is quieter and there is a decrease in enquiries. 

In this case study, we will look at how we increased their conversion rate and collected numerous leads during winter by using more effective lead capture methods and helping the activity get three weeks booked out in their slowest season. 

Lead capture is the process of acquiring contact information from potential customers. 

EcoKleenSolar struggled to retain information from potential customers and lost many opportunities to create a list of potential clients that could have converted later in the year. 

With EcoKleenSolar, we used a combination of online lead capture methods to increase their conversion rate. 

We first created a landing page with the essential information to educate clients and trigger an interest in cleaning their solar panels. 

We then ran ads on Facebook that directed people to this landing page and also to message EcoKleenSolar directly on Facebook messenger. 

The first conversion campaign directed people on the landing page had an educational purpose, while the message campaign had a limited offer encouraging people to get in contact directly through Messanger to be able to get a quote. 

To overcome the problem of those people sending a message but not leaving their information, we created an automated messaging system that asked for a few useful information for them to get a proper quote, and to finalise it, they needed to leave their contact info. 

Thanks to the combination of educational purpose content, the creation of retargeting audiences and correct communication via message campaigns, we drastically implemented an EcoKleenSolar client-based list and also collected valuable information about potential clients that can convert in a short period of time.