Fruition Accountants

Case Study

AS Digital Delivered:

Changing the dialogue 

With our help, Fruition Accountants were able to change the face of their profession.

You’ve seen the classic accounting website. They usually opt for serious, corporate, some might say boring, colour schemes that don’t say much about the character of the business. Fruition Accountants wanted to break the mould, and we helped by rebranding it as modern, fresh, and personable – just like the people who run it.

The imagery, language and feel of the website were designed to evoke a sense of calm and approachability in order to appeal to a new style of customer who wants an ongoing and friendly relationship with their accountant rather than a one-off (and stand-off) transaction.

Matching this unique brand positioning with the core values of the people in the business has helped bring in more business, of the right kind, by making Fruition stand out against its competitors.