KWT Towing

Case Study

ASDigital Delivered:

Becoming the first choice for even more motorists

Thanks to AS Digital, KWT Towing now has a website that communicates their quality work and trusted reputation

Kevin Waters & Sons Towing boasts over 50 years of multi-generational experience in the business. This family business already had the advantage of a great reputation and an Australia-wide network – However, what they were lacking was a website.

A website would give their business more credibility than word of mouth ever could, and help them to reach more stranded motorists. AS Digital created a website, rich with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to ensure that clients like stranded motorists would find KWT as their first point of call in a Google Search. With SEO optimisation of their website, KWT is now among the top search results for people Googling the services they provide.

With so many towing companies out there, getting in front of more eyes first is of key importance. Emergency and breakdown towing is a huge area of business for KWT, so showing up quickly gives them an extra edge for those in their time of need. Being easier for potential clients who ‘aren’t in the know’ to find has allowed KWT to generate more business and profits than ever before, making a great return on their digital marketing investments.