Company update & how to video conference

You may not have heard from us for a while. We have been busy delivering awesome projects for very inspiring clients. Some great things have happened, such as Tim Highley joining the AS Digital team as our digital marketing manager early last year (Tim is a brilliant graphic designer and website builder), rebranding with a new logo and colours, converting to a company, and launching an offshoot business in January 2019. This business leverages our skills in software development as a GPS tracking business with Australian built software.

The primary reason for emailing is not for another COVID-19 update – everyone gets the picture, and knows they have to stay at home unless absolutely necessary. Yes, we will still be open for business – staffing arrangements and hours will not change. However, for the foreseeable future, representatives from AS Digital will not see each other or meet clients face-to-face, meaning that meetings are to be over the phone or via video conferencing. Everyone is saying it – ‘we are in unprecedented times,’ and the way we will be doing business has to change. Fortunately, nearly all AS Digital clients use Google G-Suite or Microsoft Office 365, and they come with enterprise grade video conferencing functionality.

Our hot tip is to not pay extra for Zoom or other business video conferencing systems because you may already have G-Suite.

Conferencing with G-Suite


  • A G-Suite account (gmail accounts alone do not work).
  • If you are using an iPhone, iPad or Android phone you will need to download the “Google Meet” application from the App Store or Google Play store (if Android).
  • If you are on an Apple or Microsoft/Windows based computer, you will need to have and use the web browser Google Chrome.

How to

  • For phones and tablets open the “Meet” application and sign into your G-Suite account. Next click “new meeting”, it should give you the option to share the meeting details.
  • For Google Chrome users head over to click on “join or start a meeting”. If creating a meeting it will provide joining information for your participants.
  • To schedule a video conference for later and send out invitations in bulk, you can head over to to create a new calendar event, in that process there is an option to select video conferencing.

We recommend G-Suite video conferencing as it’s the easiest to setup and use. If you have trouble with this, please call us on 02 9158 3889 and we can do a test together. If you don’t have G-Suite, or are using Office 365 and don’t know how to, also feel free to get in touch for some help.

In these times, it’s become apparent that digital marketing is more important than ever. Digital Marketing could be the only way your target market and customers will get exposed to your brand. Be strategic with digital marketing, and if you need help, we’re here for you.

We hope you and your families all stay well and we will get through this together.