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Digital Marketing Facebook Support Group

Digital Marketing Facebook Support Group

Maintain an active pool of prospects

Email is a very important tool for Digital Marketers like us, because open rates are high and the cost to deliver them are low. Apart from SMS marketing, email marketing is the most effective and cost efficent marketing channel if used correctly. A good performing Facebook or Google AdWords ad will achieve a 3-6% click through rate (CTR), whereas a great email campaign will have an open rate of 30-50% and a CTR of 4-6%. The numbers may look the same, but those clicks cost nothing and the engagement is far higher.

Email marketing works best when the audience is fully engaged i.e. there is structure and purpose to the email calendar, the content is adjusted to where those people are at in their buyer’s journey and the calls to action take into consideration how the person subscribed to the list and how long they have been a part of it.

How Email Marketing Can Help Your Business


For Ecommerce: An engaged email marketing list will respond to sales, offers, special promotions, product launches and other incentives that are sent out as part of a regular newsletter.

For B2B: Email marketing is an essentual tool for warming up leads in your sales pipeline. Once a lead subscribes to your email marketing list or you have loaded them into your CRM, it’s time to start overloading them with absolute value.

Customer Retention

For ecommerce: If you sell a consumable product, why not send a friendly email reminder to re-order when they runout?

For B2B: Depending on your business type and the products and services you offer, customer retention may be very important. Consider how much it costs in time and money to close a client; do they know how much value they are getting from you?

Brand Engagement

For an email marketing list to be effective, people need to see being part of it as valuable to them. Most businesses see email as a communication tool to blast their customers with messages saying “buy this now”, but to be able to command such a message the customers need to see the request as genuine.

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