Connect with people who are in the market with Google AdWords

If there is demand for a product / service, then people are searching on Google for it
Digital Marketing Facebook Support Group

Digital Marketing Facebook Support Group

People use Google Search to find what they need

Google AdWords are the ads that display in Google Search results for particular search terms. Adwords is one of the ultimate ways to capture people who are in the market for a product or service you offer. If you need something, you don’t wait for an ad to come up while viewing webpages or Facebook, you go and search for it on Google.

Why Google AdWords?

For businesses where their strategy is to target in-market audiences, nothing is more valuable than being #1 in Google and the only way to do that is by having paid ads.

Search ads target in-market audiences, that means they are researching a particular product or service and are very likely to take it up. Another way to describe is by temperature, search traffic is hot and in some cases warm. Alternative to that is putting ads in front of your target demographic through Facebook, which is generally a cold audience (sometimes warm with particular strategies).

How does AdWords differ from SEO or ranking organically?

AdWords is where you pay Google to rank for search terms on a per click basis and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is where special techniques are used to rank for search terms without having to pay Google.

The challenge many businesses have is they want to rank for particular search terms. However, they don’t know if they are the right ones to target; it’s just a hypothesis until results are proven. The most time and cost effective way to determine if organic search terms are worthwhile targets is to flash up a Google AdWords ad and determine the results.

In saying that, not all businesses go after few keywords, some go for many and investing in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for them would be a very expensive exercise. The other key consideration is that the time to rank organically for a particular term averages about 2 to 3 months.

There is also Bing and Yahoo

Google has the absolute lion-share of the search engine market. However, for the remainder of the market there is also Microsoft Bing (Yahoo uses Google now). We would recomend also considering Bing if your strategy is to target a niche demographic that uses Bing instead or you are spending as much as you can on Google and the only way to increase your ad spend is to use Bing in conjunction.

Google AdWords
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