Drive Traffic to your Website with Google Display Network (GDN)

Targeting your ideal customer with Display Ads
Digital Marketing Facebook Support Group

Digital Marketing Facebook Support Group

Display Ads are a cost effective way to get in front of your target market

To bring context to display ads in general, it’s safe to say that anyone that has browsed the internet has seen a display ad. They appear as banners with either text, images and/or animations vying to grab your attention. Advertisers use them so much because they are effective in being able to target your specific market and the cost to deliver them is negligble.

Google Display Network

When are Google Display Network ads used?

Build brand awareness

The number of interactions required with a brand for a person to convert into a customer or client is ever increasing. Using Google Display Network ads to target your target demographic is an ideal way to increase the number of touch points that a person has with your brand. However, if you are running ads on other platforms you can generate the perception of being everywhere your ideal customers are.


If you have paid someone to visit your website through Facebook Ads, Google AdWords or by some other advertising mechanism, it would be a waste to let them leave the website without taking action. 80% of people are not ready to take action right there and then, so once they leave the website displaying an ad that addresses the context of why they left the website is a sure fire way to bring them back in a cost effective manner. Using re-marketing reduces your customer acquisition costs because the likelihood of converting a returning visitor is higher.

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