Marketing trends in 2024

In the ever-evolving field of marketing and communication, maintaining a competitive edge is paramount for brands and companies. As we delve further into 2024, it’s crucial to remain ahead of the latest communication trends that are shaping the marketing industry. Here’s our top picks:

Interactive Content: Static content will take a backseat as interactive experiences like quizzes, polls, and immersive narratives become the norm. Brands will utilise augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to forge deeper connections with their audience.
TIP: When introducing interactive content to your audience for the first time, consider Instagram polls and quizzes rather than open-ended conversation starters that appear publicly. For example, the great thing about polls and quizzes via Instagram Stories is that the engagement is anonymous, meaning audiences can ease into interactions with you and your brand.

AI-Driven Personalisation: AI  transforms communication strategies by enabling hyper-personalised content delivery. Sophisticated chatbots and virtual assistants will offer tailored experiences, enhancing customer engagement.

Sustainability: With environmental concerns gaining prominence, transparent and eco-conscious communication is imperative. Companies communicating their green initiatives effectively will resonate better with their audience, emphasising the importance of integrity in building trust.
NEWS: As part of the Australian Government’s National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Scheme, companies will soon be mandated to report their greenhouse gas emissions, energy production and consumption to the Clean Energy Regulator. There is no room for turning a blind eye to climate concerns anymore. The time is now to have sustainability at the forefront of strategy and decision-making.

Voice Search Optimisation: Incorporating a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on websites – or a section on the landing page – can enhance visibility in voice search results.

Employee Advocacy: Building a brand goes beyond external communication; internal communication is now equally important. Employee advocacy will take centre stage as companies recognise the impact of their workforce as brand ambassadors. Encouraging employees to share their experiences and insights on social media will humanise the brand and enhance credibility.
TIP: Support your team to share their experiences and insights with branded, shareable content – such as videos, graphics, and caption ideas. However, stay clear of pre-written or rigid caption templates as this negates true authenticity. Employees need to feel empowered and equipped to share their own personal voice, as this is what will truly cut through the noise!

As we navigate the communication landscape of 2024, at AS Digital we remain committed to helping our clients to not just keep pace but lead the way. Embracing these trends will amplify brand reach and foster meaningful connections with the audience.