IT support

Make it work

Hire us to manage your IT systems and you’ll never be stuck by yourself when things go wrong. No matter the size of your organisation, having someone to maintain your IT means no more downtime trying to working out frustrating issues. We’ll also make sure your data is well-managed and protected against viruses, making your business safer and smoother to run.

What we do

Onsite support

Let us come to you. From setting up your IT equipment to maintaining and being on call to address any problems, we'll be by your side (literally) throughout. We also come and train your staff so they can help troubleshoot your IT systems and technology themselves. Ensuring that technical issues are addressed with a fast turnaround means your more productive time for your business.

Remote support

With today's technology, we can also address most technical issues remotely. And in most cases, we can talk you through local computer issues and show you how to troubleshoot them quickly.

Software integration

We can help integrate industry-specific software to allow your systems to communicate with each other and work in tandem. This makes workflows efficient, organised and user-friendly. Software we commonly integrated includes G-Suite, Xero and several other major systems used in businesses.

Email account management

Email accounts like Office 365 or G-Suite often provide the backbone for an entire business. This means solving issues that arise – and fast – is crucial. We provide everything from email account set up and management through to the coordination and integration of your IT systems.

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