4 undeniable reasons to use a digital marketing agency

It may come as no surprise that digital marketing is critical to helping your business grow in this modern era. Here we break down a few of the many benefits of having a digital marketing agency by your side.

Marketing is about connecting with the right audience in the right place at the right time. However, in this digital age where technology is ever-evolving, how can you be sure that you’re effectively communicating to your target audience while trying to do everything else necessary to build your business? As if running a business isn’t hard enough already! We suggest letting us do the hard work – you’ll be surprised by the benefits it can bring to you and your business.

1. Every business needs a website to showcase their products. A marketing agency has that covered! 

Although some believe they can simply download a pre-made template and they’re ready to go, the truth is that every organisation needs some professional help to best reflect and communicate their offerings and business. There are lots of considerations when creating a website that delivers results, including the user journey, copywriting, SEO, imagery, optimising across all devices and of course making it look beautiful and true to your brand. making optimising your website so much more than just how easy it is on the eye. Mistakes are inevitably made when taking the DIY route. Having a professional on hand means you’ll get a website that works for you.

We have years of experience creating websites and know best practices across all fronts. What might be a larger investment to start with, is just that – an investment – which pays itself back through the quality of the website, and leads you receive.

2. Why try to do something outside your expertise, when you can spend that time doing what you are an expert at?

If you’re not someone who is familiar with the marketing aspect of things, one thing is certain: you will waste precious time trying to find out how to make use of the endless digital channels in order to reach your clients. Instead, a marketing agency can handle it for you quickly and efficiently. Your expertise is in your business, ours is in digital marketing.

Getting your marketing done professionally means the final product will be better and that you can focus on your business priorities and converting inquiries since the burden of marketing will be taken off of you and your team.

3. A whole team of experienced professionals at your fingertips.

One of the benefits of working with a digital marketing agency is that you have a whole team of marketing specialists at your disposal to take care of the creative aspects of your business. This includes strategists, designers, writers and content creators who can offer a diverse range of knowledge, skills and expertise.

This makes more sense than trying to do all of your work by yourself, or worse, hiring individuals to try and cover each specific marketing role.

4. It’s super cost-effective!

Research shows that businesses who take care of their own marketing process internally will pay higher operating costs in comparison to those having marketing professionals do the work for them.

Studies also show that using a marketing agency results in a better revenue growth expectancy for companies.

Leave the hard work to us. 

Here at AS Digital we operate a full-service digital marketing agency with extensive experience in developing and executing growth initiatives for small and medium-sized businesses. We create everything from beautiful websites, videos, logos and brand collateral to varied marketing and social media campaigns.

Our business is built on on-going relationships and we create long-term strategies to help our clients succeed. We enjoy what we do, and we want you to enjoy it too.