Microsoft to part ways with Internet Explorer – will your business be affected?

internet explorer logo in bin

Internet Explorer has been synonymous with the internet since its inception 25 years ago. However, its glory days are coming to an end.

Microsoft recently announced that it will drop support of Internet Explorer 11 from August 2021. This extends to many of its service apps, for which changes will be effective as early as November this year.

The tech giant explained that Internet Explorer has long been considered a “compatibility tool” rather than an effective platform, and discouraged businesses from utilizing the outdated web browser.

This move comes as an effort to promote the new Microsoft Edge, which has been described as “better and more innovative.”

So, will this change bring any challenges to your business? 

Internet Explorer is an old-fashioned browser, but numerous companies, especially large ones, still rely on it. Many organizations have legacy software services or online applications that use proprietary Internet Explorer technologies or rely on it as an interface, so if this is applied to you it’s important to take action now.

Costs will be incurred in making the transition from Internet Explorer, but it’s a worthwhile transition. The security vulnerability of Internet Explorer will make it particularly dangerous when protecting customers’ private information since updates and patches will no longer be released by Microsoft. Implementing an alternative browser, such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge that has a much safer and more secure system is essential.

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