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Is the content you providing building report with your ideal customers?
Digital Marketing Facebook Support Group

Digital Marketing Facebook Support Group

Build stronger rapport and get more leads and sales

To properly understand content marketing you must understand that people on/in different channels are at different stages of the buying journey. For example, for someone looking for a product or service searches on Google and lands on your webpage, they are not really going to require much “warming up”, your business looks reputable and they will get in contact. However, if the product or service is expensive they will need to learn more about you and the value you can offer.

Another example is someone who likes your Facebook page or subscribes to your email newsletter and is not a client or customer. However, they are likely to be in your target demographic, but are not just yet in the market or feel compelled enough to be envoled in a sale. Like all business transactions, value needs to be demonstrated before a sale, depending on where someone is at in their journey; the colder they are the more value and trust then needs to be generated.

How content marketing can be used to drive sales

Facebook & Instagram Posts

Having regular posts on your Facebook and Instagram accounts maintains engagement with your audience, it is particularly valuable for busineses who sell products. Product based business are in the business for repeat sales. Posting regular and valuable content keeps them engaged with your brand.

Blog Posts

Blog posts serve Search Engine Optimisation objectives more than anything else. Our content writers are able to produce content for your blog featuring specific keywords you want your website to rank for. The content produced in blog posts also serve as great material to be used in your email marketing.

Lead magnet

Like mentioned on our lead generation page content can be used as currency, if a prospective client submits their details in exchange they get something which is very valuable, in this case it can be an ebook or short step by step guide. Following this email marketing strategy in combination with content marketing is used to “warm up” that prospective client / customer.

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