What is organic social media?

what is organic social media - concept

The social media landscape has constantly grown and evolved over the last few years, especially with the increasing emphasis on direct conversions and paid media. Nevertheless, organic social media and engagement remain essential to growing your business.

What is organic social media?

Defining organic social media is simple: It refers to any social media activity without a paid promotion. Whether it’s posts, photos, videos or Stories, organic social media uses free social media platforms to build and engage with an online following by sharing the content in your feed.

When you post organically to your account, your main audience includes:

  • The followers of your page/account.
  • Your followers’ circle of friends if they choose to share/retweet your posts.
  • People following any hashtags you use.

Why post organic content?

Organic social media is still the best way to develop a real connection with your customers at scale, which is why it should be a core part of any digital marketing strategy.

Here are a few benefits of organic social:

  1. First of all, it’s completely free, which means it’s an affordable option for many small businesses who are just starting out.
  2. You can build an entire social media campaign using only the free tools available on all social media platforms.
  3. Companies can utilise organic channels to establish their brand personality and voice, while building relationships with their target audience by sharing relatable content.
  4. It’s an excellent way to manage your customer relationships by regularly engaging with customers and supporting them with customer services, and in doing so creating trust.
  5. It also encourages user-generated content (UGC) that promotes authenticity and drives purchasing decisions.

However, it’s worth mentioning that there is a downside to organic social media. Due to the decline in organic reach and the ranking algorithms of all social media platforms in recent years, only a small percentage of your followers will see your organic posts. These days, it’s more complicated than ever to get your content seen by your current followers, let alone your potential audience.

Organic Social Media Tips to Boost Growth

1. You don’t have to use every platform.

Only choose the ones that suit your business so that you get the most out of them without feeling overwhelmed. For example, if you’re running a restaurant, choose a visually focused channel such as Instagram over LinkedIn, a platform that is aimed at building business relationships and connections.

2. Develop a content strategy.

For your organic posts to do well on social media, you have to put the effort into them. A content strategy should include researching and defining your target audience, developing a content calendar and or analysing your channels’ insights through their native analytics tools.

3. Ask for engagement.

The most crucial factor to help organic social growth is the level of engagement, so don’t hesitate to request user input and feedback. Asking relevant questions is an effective way to encourage your followers to interact with your accounts. Also, use call to actions such as “Visit our website today” to improve your conversion rates.

That’s the basics of organic social – have you learned something valuable that can help you with your social media strategy?

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